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November 19, 2009

Recently I had the priviledge of having a client say, “I trust you completely.  Do whatever you think I need.”  Wow!  I think for some that would be an invitation to tack on additional services, products, and appointments to what could, perhaps, be accomplished in simplier, less expensive or less invasive procedures.  That hard-sell approach may explain why so many medi-spas come and go.  Clients feel pressured to buy more than they really want or need, and they may come to believe that all aestheticians act that way.

When a client gives me free rein, I try to look at it from their perspective.  They are trusting me to use my arsenal of experience, devices, knowledge and networks to deliver satisfactory results.   I enjoy working with clients and their visions, as well as their constraints, to help them achieve  what they want and need.

We Love Our Testimonials!

November 7, 2009

In last month’s newsletter,  I wrote at some length about microcurrent, the “new” device for tightening and toning your skin and the underlying muscles.  I’d like to share a testimonial I received from a client who has experienced this procedure over the past five weeks:

“When I got into my 50’s, I couldn’t deny that gravity was having an effect on my face.  There wasn’t anything huge happening, just a growing laxity of the skin, but I knew it was a trend.   I didn’t really know what to expect when I decided to try microcurrent with Susan.  The procedures were painless and left my skin in fantastic condition.  As for the signs of aging, the effect was quite amazing.  I no longer have any looseness in my face at all.  My skin is smooth and taut everywhere; it’s as if everything as been slightly lifted.  The fullness of my cheeks is higher, probably where it used to be 20 years ago, and the contours of my face are more defined.

One of the things I like most about microcurrent is while it creates this beautiful skin, benearth it is a definite new firmness of the muscles.  I’m very pleased with my outcome and plan to do maintenance sessions from now on.”  (L.N., Nov. 2, 2009)

This client has had a total of 12 sessions over five weeks; she’ll be on maintenance every 3 to 4 weeks for as long as she continues to see the improvement she’s achieved already.   In case you’re wondering what else this client does for her skin, she is using the Epionce Lytic Lotion and Renewal Facial Lotion, and of course SPF 30 on a daily basis.

If you see “creeping laxity” in your mirror, I invite you to inquire about microcurrent to help turn that looseness into toned, taut skin with a firmer underlying structure.  Compared to other skin tightening procedures (such as Thermage), microcurrent is a relaxing and pleasant walk in the park rather than a visit to Saddam’s torture chamber.

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

November 7, 2009
sst, posey,keyboard
At home with keyboard, Posey, and white wine

After seeing clients all day, it’s time to kick back, research “lactic acid peels” and new skin care products, write a newsletter, update the blog,  pet Posey, sip some wine, converse with Robert, glance at basketball, read emails, and contemplate the upcoming weekend.  Life is good.

Peels Will Continue In Spite of Occasional Interruptions

November 3, 2009
Miles looking cute

My inspiration...Miles the kitten