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At-Home Skin Devices

August 19, 2011

Savvy consumers are increasingly using at-home skin care devices for conditions ranging from acne to anti-aging, according to market research firm Kline & Company.    They estimate that these devices will account for nearly $1 billion (U.S.) in 2011 and will grow in 2012.  “Consumers are looking to save time and money by avoiding regular trips to the doctor for those in-office procedures that were once commonplace in a more robust economy.”

Anti-aging devices are expected to grow 50% this year.  According to Kline, anti-aging is the number one skin care concern for consumers, with topical product sales in this category comprising more than 40% of the market.

I have advocated for a microcurrent hand-held device called NuFace and recommend it for clients who have the time and dedication to do their own treatments on a daily basis.  The results have been very satisfactory, particularly if high-quality skin care is used in conjunction with the device.

Electric Stimulation

April 28, 2010

Today I quote and/or paraphrase from a recent article by Leslie Baumann, M.D. in Skin & Allergy News, March 2010, p. 23 entitled “Electric Stimulation”.    After a brief discussion of the benefits of increasing collagen and elastin to decrease the effects of aging, Dr. Baumann eventually gets around to electric stimulation to stimulate wound healing (aka aging skin).

“I am intrigued with the idea of an electromimetic current being used to stimulate fibroblasts.  The notion of harnessing the natural electric currents of skin cells to increase collagen and elastin production is fascinating for several reasons, not the least of which is elimination of the issue of penetration of active ingredients.  A charge generated on the cells in the top layer will likely propagate to neighboring cells.  An enhancement of cell-to-cell communication would seem likely to extend to the lower layers, allowing the cells deeper in the dermins to ‘get the message'”.

She’s talking about microcurrent, as well as ingredients such as zinc and copper that harness electrical currents to stimulate fibroblasts into synthesizing collagen and elastin.   For those of us who see the results of microcurrent stimulation for anti-aging, this is old news.  And yet it’s gratifying that a dermatologist gets it and is curious.

Further Predictions

January 16, 2010

Let me share some thoughts written by David Suzuki, president of Bio-Therapeutic, the manufacturer of my Platinum Microcurrent device.  He begins by summarizing the financial uncertainties and opportunities of 2009, then proceeds with describing “the implementation of new services in new environments that cater to our new culture”.

“The new evolution of Americans has not displaced their priority of looking and feeling young; on the contrary, this priority has risen.  What has changed however is how they want to receive their services, the environment and the process.  Today’s clients have learned to be direct and frugal.  They have also learned the hard way that they, and only they, are responsible for their well being and livelihood”.

“Today’s clients will quickly sacrifice a two hour facial in the room for a 25 minute mini facial.  Mini-facials are generally specifically zone focused, therefore addressing their primary concerns.  Bottom line they are quick, practical, effective and allow the client a platform to become an active participant in their skin care, all of which speak to today’s new culture”.

Fast services such as peels, LED light treatments and mini-facials are a staple here at Peels To The People.

We Love Our Testimonials!

November 7, 2009

In last month’s newsletter,  I wrote at some length about microcurrent, the “new” device for tightening and toning your skin and the underlying muscles.  I’d like to share a testimonial I received from a client who has experienced this procedure over the past five weeks:

“When I got into my 50’s, I couldn’t deny that gravity was having an effect on my face.  There wasn’t anything huge happening, just a growing laxity of the skin, but I knew it was a trend.   I didn’t really know what to expect when I decided to try microcurrent with Susan.  The procedures were painless and left my skin in fantastic condition.  As for the signs of aging, the effect was quite amazing.  I no longer have any looseness in my face at all.  My skin is smooth and taut everywhere; it’s as if everything as been slightly lifted.  The fullness of my cheeks is higher, probably where it used to be 20 years ago, and the contours of my face are more defined.

One of the things I like most about microcurrent is while it creates this beautiful skin, benearth it is a definite new firmness of the muscles.  I’m very pleased with my outcome and plan to do maintenance sessions from now on.”  (L.N., Nov. 2, 2009)

This client has had a total of 12 sessions over five weeks; she’ll be on maintenance every 3 to 4 weeks for as long as she continues to see the improvement she’s achieved already.   In case you’re wondering what else this client does for her skin, she is using the Epionce Lytic Lotion and Renewal Facial Lotion, and of course SPF 30 on a daily basis.

If you see “creeping laxity” in your mirror, I invite you to inquire about microcurrent to help turn that looseness into toned, taut skin with a firmer underlying structure.  Compared to other skin tightening procedures (such as Thermage), microcurrent is a relaxing and pleasant walk in the park rather than a visit to Saddam’s torture chamber.

Mid-October Microcurrent

October 15, 2009

OK,  I’ve had the Bio-Therapeutic microcurrent device for 6 weeks and am really starting to get a feel for the technology and what it can do.  Several clients are allowing me to work on tightening their skin in those loose places….and as we progress, we’re making progress.  This is not overnight.  This is having faith in the technology as well as in the practictioner.  It’s a process and thank you for listening.

After Labor Day

September 8, 2009

Is it just me or do you get excited about all of the possibilities following Labor Day?  School starting, fall colors coming, the holidays on a roll, one right after another.  Lots of clients start new skin care programs in the fall because it seems that they can concentrate more than during the summer.  The fall is a great time to get a series of peels and LED light treatments.  They naturally go hand in hand to achieve smoother, softer, dare we say silkier skin.  And now with microcurrent, toning can be achieved too.  Isn’t fall great!

Plan Ahead

September 3, 2009

I’m planning an Open House/Client Appreciation Event on Thursday, Sept. 24th from 4:30 to 6:30.  Take a tour of PTTP headquarters, meet my Epionce rep Chad, and see for yourself how the latest equipment for anti-aging/acne/rosacea will help your skin look healthier!  RSVP please!

New Device Time

August 31, 2009

You know how I love devices that improve the skin.  Well now I’ve added microcurrent to the arsenal of anti-aging, tightening, lifting and generally rejuvenating the skin equipment.    One can start at an early age for “prevention” (as young as the 20s) and continue through the decades to improve the appearance of the skin.  Many, many more details to follow, fans.

August Newsletter: Part Uno

August 21, 2009

“The People’s Skin Care Newsletter”
vol. 1, #2      August 20, 2009

This month’s highlights:

* New Services Update
* New Online Ordering
* Summer’s End Skin Tips
* Product News
* The Power of Referrals &
  The Greatness of Customers


Starting in September, I will begin using
an FDA-approved device for SKIN TONING
and TIGHTENING called Bio-Therapeutic
Microcurrent Platinum.  This machine has
morphed from a strictly medical device to
an aesthetic one used by both physicians
and aestheticians.  It is used on both the
face and the body to LIFT and CONTOUR.

Why would YOU consider microcurrent?
If you look in the mirror and see those
tell-tale signs of loose skin around the
eyes, mouth, “jowls”, jawline, or neck,
then microcurrent can help TIGHTEN
those areas.

The Platinum machine also works on body
regions such as the bust, upper arms,
buttocks, and thighs.  It has shown success
on the abdominal region when excess fat is
low. This is not a weight-loss device.  It
will tone to the degree that it CAN tone.

For those of you who experienced, or should
I say endured, THERMAGE…microcurrent
will be a welcome and painless alternative.
Treatment consists of a series of sessions
over the course of several months, with
regular maintenance to keep up the results.

After my personal training next weekend
with the international trainer, I’ll have
many more details to share with you.  This
is an exciting, non-invasive alternative to
surgery and laser resurfacing.  No, it’s not
a facelift or a tummy tuck but microcurrent
has a well-documented track record for
tightening, toning and contouring skin.  And
I’m getting the best FDA-approved device on
the market!

Increasingly I find that clients prefer the
non-invasive approaches that I can offer
such as LED light, peels, and now micro-
current.  They’re effective, pain-free, less
expensive and natural.  WaaHOO!  Could you
ask for anything more?


If you want to continue using medical
skin care products that I’ve recommended
over the years, you can continue to order
them via my website.  Plus, you can get
up to 20% off of these products by
entering a special code that you’ll find
under each skin care manufacturer.  And
you’ll get home delivery, often with no
shipping fees!  Orders are shipped within
48 hours.

Say you love SkinCeuticals C & E Ferulic.
You like to use it every morning with your
Epionce products.  OK, go to my online
store, search by manufacturer, click on
SkinCeuticals C & E Ferulic, look for
“coupons”, click, click and click and you
just saved 20%.  Now what could be

I’m STILL studying the vast array of
products on this site.  I’m particularly
interested in skin lightening agents…
that is, products to reduce brown spots,
hyperpigmentation and melasma (the
“mask” of pregnancy).  Epionce is weak
in this area (they’re working on it!), but
here are some excellent products to
consider IF you’re trying to lighten
dark spots:

OBAGI:  their products can be harsh
but I can recommend two of them that
work well without irritation (CALL ME
for directions!).  They are (1) Blender,
a combination of vitamin E, lactic acid
and hydroquinone, and (2) C Clarifying
Serum, a combo of vitamin C and 4%

PCA Skin:  pHaze 13 Pigment Gel with
hydroquinone…less expensive than
Obagi, but I have no personal experience
with it.

Other Online Finds continued….

KINeSYS (stoopid name!) for spray-on
sunblocks for children, athletes, etc.

NeoStrata makes a great Hand & Nail
Cream that’s very inexpensive.

Neova Lash Conditioner will give
Latisse a run for it’s money!

Nioxin…if you’re already using this
line for thinning hair, it may be less
expensive on my site.

Well, obviously, I’m Chatty Cathy on
my newsletter SO….this will be Part
One and you’ll have to wait (with
baited breath!) for Part Two ASAP.

Thanks again for your encouragement
and continued support.  Go Raiders!
(that’s for my husband who is so
supportive of my home-based biz).