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New Retinol Peel

September 13, 2011

Now up on deck: the I Peel featuring a blend of retinol, salicylic acid and lactic acid. This cocktail is appropriate for aging skin showing signs of deeper wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, roughness and lack of firmness, e.g. almost anyone over 55. This peel desquamates so look for peeling/flaking by day three and continuing for several days. Results are worth it…fresher, healthier-looking skin.

Prep for this peel is important: use of a daily AHA, retinol, or other form of exfoliant. Be sure to discontinue any exfoliant three days prior to the peel to avoid potential irritation.

Post-peel care includes a medical barrier cream, a mild cleanser and most importantly, an SPF of 30 or higher.

Next Generation of AHAs

February 15, 2010

New to the Peels To The People anti-aging arsenal comes Age-Limit, a new generation of alphahydroxy acids (AHAs).  In the 1990s, AHAs were the most remarkable skin treatments ever developed for aging or problem skin.  But they had one big drawback:  irritation.

Age-Limit solves this problem with the AHAminoPlex molecule – a complex of glycolic acid and a naturally derived amino acid to ensure maximum acid delivery without penetrating skin’s zone of irritation.  This patented technology, developed by Drs. Yu and Van Scott, the pioneers of AHA skin therapy, is the next generation of AHAs.

This safe and effective new product is available now!  Coupled with periodic chemical peels, results are phenomenal.

Further Predictions

January 16, 2010

Let me share some thoughts written by David Suzuki, president of Bio-Therapeutic, the manufacturer of my Platinum Microcurrent device.  He begins by summarizing the financial uncertainties and opportunities of 2009, then proceeds with describing “the implementation of new services in new environments that cater to our new culture”.

“The new evolution of Americans has not displaced their priority of looking and feeling young; on the contrary, this priority has risen.  What has changed however is how they want to receive their services, the environment and the process.  Today’s clients have learned to be direct and frugal.  They have also learned the hard way that they, and only they, are responsible for their well being and livelihood”.

“Today’s clients will quickly sacrifice a two hour facial in the room for a 25 minute mini facial.  Mini-facials are generally specifically zone focused, therefore addressing their primary concerns.  Bottom line they are quick, practical, effective and allow the client a platform to become an active participant in their skin care, all of which speak to today’s new culture”.

Fast services such as peels, LED light treatments and mini-facials are a staple here at Peels To The People.

After Labor Day

September 8, 2009

Is it just me or do you get excited about all of the possibilities following Labor Day?  School starting, fall colors coming, the holidays on a roll, one right after another.  Lots of clients start new skin care programs in the fall because it seems that they can concentrate more than during the summer.  The fall is a great time to get a series of peels and LED light treatments.  They naturally go hand in hand to achieve smoother, softer, dare we say silkier skin.  And now with microcurrent, toning can be achieved too.  Isn’t fall great!

August 2009 Newsletter: Part Two

August 26, 2009

The People’s Skin Care Newsletter
vol.1, #2                   August 26, 2009

* Summer’s End Skin Care Tips
* Product News
* The Power of Referrals &
   The Greatness of Clients


While fall is still a few weeks away,
our skin will be ready to get rid of its
summer buildup of crud…like the
higher SPF you’ve been wearing (you
have, haven’t you!), the extra self-
tanner or perhaps simply the rather
casual way you’ve been cleansing
your face while rafting on the
Deschutes or sleeping in a hammock
in Sisters. 

OK, we’ll forgive those little trans-
gressions and allow you to gently
settle back into your usual diligent
routine.  This should include:

  * washing face & neck at least
     once daily
  * applying a treatment cream/
     serum at least once daily
  * wearing SPF 20 + daily
  * using an eye cream daily
  * using a treatment-oriented
     night cream

These few steps should not take more
than a few minutes AM and PM.  It’s
simple: clean, treat, repair, protect.
Your own skin care routine accounts
for 90% of how your skin looks now
and in the future!  While peels and
facials and light treatments are, of
course, fabulous…it’s your daily skin
regimen that really counts.  In the
immortal words of Tim Gunn, “Make
it work”.


What a natural segue into products!
Now I’m going to tell you what to use.

Cleansers are important; should you
spend $40 for one?  I don’t think so
either.  But do spring for one that is
specifically for your skin type, i.e.
Epionce Milky Lotion Cleanser for dry,
mature or sensitive skin; Gentle
Foaming Cleanser for almost everyone
except for the oily folks who will want
the Lytic Gel Cleanser.  All Epionce
cleansers are super-concentrated and
will last for months.

Treatments/Exfoliants are important
because they actually do something
visible.  Over time (I measure “time”
as 1 to 3 months), the Epionce Lytic
products will visibly: help to even out
skin tones, reduce redness, clean out
clogged pores, and overall brighten dull
skin.  Lite Lytic is for sensitive skin,
Lytic Lotion Plus is for oily skin (or
those who want faster results) and
Lytic Lotion is for most everyone else.

Sun protection is essential.  The two
Epionce products are physical blocks
with zinc oxide to protect from UVA
and UVB rays.  They both also contain
antioxidants and are extremely well-
priced at $19 (SPF 30) or $24 (50).

Renewal products are moisturizers
as well as treatment creams.  Call
them two-fers!  For sensitive skin, use
the Facial Cream; for oily skin, the Lite
Lotion, and for everyone in between, I
recommend the Renewal Lotion.  The
Epionce Eye Cream is great for all skin
types.  My favorite Renewal product is
the Intensive Nourishing Cream…just
rich and yummy and perfect for aging
(but still fighting!) skin.

What are we missing?  If you have
more serious hyperpigmentation (pesky
brown/age spots), I am now stocking
a non-Epionce cream that is formulated
for me at Portland’s premier compounding
pharmacy.  It is a blend of two profound
bleaching agents called kojic acid (from
Japanese fungi) and hydroquinoine.  If
spots don’t improve quickly enough using
your regular routine, try this stuff.  It will
bring spots to their knees.

I should also mention taking care of arms
and hands as these are visible targets of
sun damage.  The Renewal Enriched Body
Lotion contains potent antioxidants and
(again, over time) should help with the
pinch-factor on thinning skin.  The amazing
Extreme Barrier Cream is also great for
hydrating dry, even scaly skin on feet,
elbows, hands, nails, you get the picture.


I heart my clients big-time.  Since I’ve
been on my own (three months already),
you have been beating a path to my door
(or me to yours) in numbers greater than
I’d ever imagined and I am so very, very
appreciative.  So appreciative, in fact,
that I’m going to lavish you with….well,
if not riches then rewards!

For every friend/family member that you
refer, YOU will get half off of your next
procedure!  (fine print:  your referral
needs to actually have a treatment/buy
a product to qualify).  Say YOU are into
a course of peels/LED treatments.  You will
save 50% on both your peel and your light
treatment at your next appointment.  Nifty!

May I also tempt you with a Travel Size
Epionce cleanser of your choice just for
being such a good and loyal client?  I think
I will!

Finally, may I invite you to an Event (with
a capital E!) I’m planning in September.
Details to follow but it will include BBQ’d
shrimp, Olive Pit olives, many more tasty
goodies, plus a guest appearance or two
AND 10% off all purchases made at the
event (including gift certificates!).   Stay
tuned for the date.
And once again, THANK YOU, wonderful
clients and friends.

Peels At Home

August 14, 2009

No, I’m not talking about those peel kits you can buy wherever you shop.  I’m talking about peels at my house. 

I never thought I’d enjoy working from home and here I am, happy to meet and greet you, show you around a bit, then get down to the task at hand…peeling or waxing or consulting or facials or LED light treatments.  I’ve got it all right here and ready to go. 

Now I will still go to you…after all, this is Peels To The People.  But the vast majority of my clients want to come to me, their trusted aesthetician, and that works well too.

Peels for the Neck and Chest

August 1, 2009

Rough, blotchy skin on the neck and chest can be improved.  Start with a chemical peel perfectly suitable for the thinner skin (vs. facial skin) of the “lower face” .  Yes, you want to consider the nec and chest as the facial unit.  Continued improvement will occur when medical-grade skin care such as Epionce’s Intensive Nourshing Cream and Active Shield SPF 30 are used on the entire facial unit daily.

Happy August 1st!

End of Month Checklist

July 31, 2009

1.  Check your sunscreen supplies.  If you’re running low, don’t forget to buy more.

2.  Review products.  If you haven’t used it in 6 to 12 months, throw it away!  Yes, it is painful.

3.  Think peels to clean up your skin after all the sunblock you’ve been putting on.   Extra exfoliation is a good thing.

Peels and High Temperatures

July 25, 2009

Should you decide to have a peel when the outside temperatures are over 85 degrees, consider the following precautions:

1.  Severely restrict your exposure to outside temperatures; if you must run an errand, make it quick.

2.  Wear a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and wear a broad-brimmed hat if you will be outside even for a few moments.

3.  Keep ice packs handy, say in a car cooler, to keep your skin as cool as possible when outside.

You want to avoid overheating the top layers of skin following a peel.  Melanocyte stimulation through inflammation will cause more melanin production and the result: more brown spots.  Best bet:  avoid doing peels during heatwaves.

Peels and Oxytocin: peel parties can release destressing hormones

July 24, 2009

Peel parties join women (and men) together for a common goal:  healthy-appearing skin through the application of appropriately selected peels.  But did you also know that a powerful “tend and befriend” destressing hormone called Oxytocin is also released during gatherings, particularly of females.  Well, neither did I until I attended a lecture on stress and skin by Rebecca James Gadberry.  I told you this gal was sharp.

After searching Oxytocin on Google, I located the following study:

Evolutionary and Biochemical Explanations for a Unique Female Stress Response: Tend-and-Befriend


Lauren A. McCarthyRochester Institute of Technology 



Taylor et al. (2000) first proposed the idea of a unique female stress response which they termed “tend-and-befriend.” The tend-and-befriend response is characterized as an oxytocin mediated stress response cascade. There are numerous biochemical and evolutionary explanations for this unique female stress response that would have increased the survival of females and their offspring under conditions of stress and hence increased the chances of subsequent reproduction. Estrogen has been found to increase the effects of oxytocin already in excess in females as compared with males. Testosterone and vasopressin, the counterparts of estrogen and oxytocin, present during the male stress response, “fight-or-flight,” have been found to exhibit the opposite effects of oxytocin. 


 OK, so what does this mean to you?  Get some friends together, hold a party–for peels, for an informal talk about skin and skin care, whatever gets your group together, and you’ve created a de-stressing atmosphere where people can relax, enjoy and let go a little.   Clinically proven even!  Power to the Peels!  Peels To The People!