Do It Now

With so many events and commitments during the holidays, it’s easy to overlook taking a few minutes for yourself.  After all, who do people rely on most….YOU!  Here are a few quick and inexpensive ways to pamper yourself, relax and enjoy all that this time has to offer.

*  Wear a hydrating mask.  You can even multi-task while masking:  do the ironing, write Christmas cards or emails, polish your nails, drink spiced tea.  Or do nothing!  Your skin will be dry this time of year so treat it right for ten minutes.

* Have a lymphatic facial massage.  It only takes 25 minutes and you will quickly drift off into la la land.  Seriously, deeply relaxing.  You don’t even need to wash your face!

* Have your brows and lashes tinted.  Never done it?  It takes just a few minutes and your upper face will look years younger with more definition and pow.   Do it soon and it will last through the holidays.

Simple, easy, quick, no calories.  Breathe and enjoy.

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