Do you know the way to Boise?

I’m off on a road trip!  First to visit a client who moved to dry, dusty, hot Richland, WA for a special emergency delivery of Epionce skin care products for dry, dusty skin.  Next, heading to  Boise, ID  for a plant tour at the headquarters of Episciences.  I’ m so excited!! 


I do have a history of plant tours….accompanying my father to see steel fabrication manufacturers and mammoth pipe fitting plants in southern California.  Wow, those things are big.  Back when this kind of stuff was done in the states and not China.  At least my wonderful Epionce products are home-grown and right here in the Northwest.

P.S.  I forgot the factory tour I took in Surabaya, Indonesia at the corporate headquarters of Sampoerna, NA, #5 manufacturer of kretek cigarettes in Indonesia (ca. 1990)…a factory floor filled with over 1,000 ladies wearing pink uniforms HAND-ROLLING cigarettes, so quickly that you couldn’t see their hands move!  It was amazing.

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