Peels and Oxytocin: peel parties can release destressing hormones

Peel parties join women (and men) together for a common goal:  healthy-appearing skin through the application of appropriately selected peels.  But did you also know that a powerful “tend and befriend” destressing hormone called Oxytocin is also released during gatherings, particularly of females.  Well, neither did I until I attended a lecture on stress and skin by Rebecca James Gadberry.  I told you this gal was sharp.

After searching Oxytocin on Google, I located the following study:

Evolutionary and Biochemical Explanations for a Unique Female Stress Response: Tend-and-Befriend


Lauren A. McCarthyRochester Institute of Technology 



Taylor et al. (2000) first proposed the idea of a unique female stress response which they termed “tend-and-befriend.” The tend-and-befriend response is characterized as an oxytocin mediated stress response cascade. There are numerous biochemical and evolutionary explanations for this unique female stress response that would have increased the survival of females and their offspring under conditions of stress and hence increased the chances of subsequent reproduction. Estrogen has been found to increase the effects of oxytocin already in excess in females as compared with males. Testosterone and vasopressin, the counterparts of estrogen and oxytocin, present during the male stress response, “fight-or-flight,” have been found to exhibit the opposite effects of oxytocin. 


 OK, so what does this mean to you?  Get some friends together, hold a party–for peels, for an informal talk about skin and skin care, whatever gets your group together, and you’ve created a de-stressing atmosphere where people can relax, enjoy and let go a little.   Clinically proven even!  Power to the Peels!  Peels To The People!

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