Peels and Safety

Chemical peels, when performed properly, are safe and effective procedures for exfoliating dead  cells on the skin’s surface, resulting in a healthier-looking complexion.  This morning I met a nice lady who pointed to a red area on her forehead and said that it was the result of a peel.  Evidentally her esthetician had applied a peel and then occluded it with plastic wrap for some reason.  The result was a warm environment where the peel (whatever its ingredients were) acted much faster than it ordinarily would if applied properly.   The client suffered a burn on her forehead and the esthetician probably lost a client.  “Peels” were unfairly perceived as unsafe in this case.

In trained hands, peels are beneficial in many ways.  As a client, you should know the training and experience of the person applying your peel.  You should read and sign a consent form indicating that you know the potential risks as well as the benefits of your treatment.  You should be pleased with the outcome and want to return for future treatments.

It drives me nuts when I hear stories of incompetence!

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